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Hassle-Free Property Maintenance

Our services incorporate a set of inspection services that document any damage to your property on a monthly basis, and ensure that no disputes can arise between you and your tenants as to the pre-existence of damage, as well as provide for accurate accountability by both parties.

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Property maintenance

The bane of every property owners life! Especially owners who have tenants, multiple properties, body corporates for complexes and office parks, and owners who are not in close proximity to their property.

What if we said we could take all the pain out of maintaining your property and make it a breeze?

About Us

Blitz Prop is here to handle all your property maintenance needs focusing on maintaining your property when you can’t. We pride ourselves on our professional service, attention to detail and integrity.

These services include a thorough inspection of the property, photographic evidence and reports on the current condition compared to the previous inspection, as well as any repairs that need to be carried out to maintain the property in a good condition.

What’s amazing though is that we have a preferred service provider network for all your maintenance and repair needs, so once you have received your report and list of required repairs, we can engage the best service providers for you, manage the project and ensure the best results. It becomes a stress-free experience for you!

Need Your Property Maintained?

With our service, tenants and owners alike can rest assured that they are protected from unfair disputes over damage, and accountability is guaranteed to the right party.

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Your property will be well maintained and in excellent condition at all times, actually saving you money in the long run, and giving you the advantage when it comes time to sell or look for a new tenant - you can ask top dollar knowing that it’s justified!